Speakeasy exists to

Create a reality where talking with a professional is a timely, well crafted, commonplace experience that helps people discover new perspective and strengthens their overall emotional, mental, and physical well-being.
Speakeasy cares about

Current service models can be intimidating.

They’re tedious to navigate, make commitment mandatory, and are often unaffordable. They also don’t cater well to people who want or need in-real-time support. Talking about daily stressors and strife with an educated, neutral party sounds great, but seeing a therapist for everyday issues like those isn’t always the right fit. Many people are searching for something before therapy, or besides therapy, to help them process stress, anxiety, and relatable issues of everyday life.

You shouldn’t have to hit a ‘breaking point’ before you talk to someone.

Speakeasy was built to help you find more clarity, relief, and tools for dealing with emotions, in the moment, right when you need them. You don’t have to wait until things are ‘bad enough’ to see a therapist. Stockpiling feelings and only seeking help when you ‘break’ can be a thing of the past.

You don’t need to be labeled ‘depressed’ to benefit from talking to someone.

You shouldn’t have to answer a million questions or prequalify with a label to get support. Assessments and diagnosis have their place, don’t get us wrong, but they’re not right for everyone, all the time. A new place and process for getting support should exist in the world – and we’re on a mission to create it.

A mental health diagnosis should not be required for care you can afford.

A proper mental health diagnosis and treatment plan is required for most insurers to help foot the bill in order for you to talk to a professional. We believe this is short sighted. We make our services accessible and as affordable as possible, while keeping medical records and insurance companies out of it.

Talking about things when you’re going through them does not mean you’re having a mental health crisis. It means you’re human.

It’s beyond frustrating to seek support in the moment, only to find your options are extremely limited. Currently options include making an appointment and waiting multiple days (even weeks or months) to see a professional, or call a crisis hotline or 911. But if the the hurdle you’re facing is happening right now - and isn’t life-threatening - none of that makes sense. That’s why we built a model that helps us process these things in the moment, when we’re experiencing them.

Preventative emotional health should be a thing.

Talking to a professional is the norm for resolving every other problem we encounter in life – like a mechanic about your car, an IT specialist about your computer, or a plumber about leaky pipes. So why in the world isn’t it as commonplace and easy to talk with an expert about heartbreak, loneliness, parenting woes, crappy friends, bad days, etc.? We’re advised to take preventative measures to keep our physical health in order with things like annual exams, colonoscopies, and mammograms. Why shouldn’t it be similar for our minds? We believe the answer is - it should be. We want it to be normal to work with someone when you experience normal life messiness. And we believe removing barriers - like commitments, cost, and lack of convenience - will help.

We exist to help you help yourself.

We think of ourselves as an on-ramp to better emotional health, helping people start slow and move forward at a pace that feels right for them. For some, one conversation might feel just right. For others, checking in each month is best. You pick and choose what you want - it’s your thing, do what you wanna do.